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3D Mammography (Tomosynthesis)

How Does It Work?

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT), commonly called 3D Mammography, uses low energy x-rays to recreate 3D images of the breast. While conventional mammograms take pictures of the breast from 2 angles (up and down and also left and right) DBT takes multiple images from many different angles. 3D takes place at the same time the conventional mammogram is being acquired. During the 3D portion of the exam, an X-ray arm sweeps in an arc over the breast. Very low X-ray energy is used, about the same as a traditional mammogram.

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis is an FDA approved 3D imaging modality that gives radiologists the ability to examine breast tissue in reconstructed 1 millimeter thin slices in addition to the traditional mammography views. The additional views help to reduce confusion of overlapping tissue and hopefully reduce call backs.

Who Is This For?

3D Mammography is available for patients along with their annual screening mammogram. While it has shown to benefit all types of breast composition, this is especially beneficial in women with dense breast tissue.

Yearly mammograms and breast awareness play a crucial role in early detection. We are pleased to offer 3D mammography to our community in our continuous efforts to improve early detection. The stage at which breast cancer is detected strongly influences a woman’s chance of survival. Simply put, if found and treated early, breast cancer is among the most curable cancers.

How Should I Prepare?

To request 3D Mammography in addition to your mammogram, call 850-878-6104 as soon as possible before your scheduled appointment. While you may add 3D on the day of your visit, there may be a wait. For information on insurance coverage, please call and speak with a Women’s Imaging Center representative.

What to Expect During the Procedure

The 3D procedure takes place during your breast compression for your screening mammogram and adds only a few seconds to the full exam.